Hand Wash

Includes vacuuming of the interior, all glass cleaned inside and out, and a wipedown of the dash and console.

Cars $30
SUV $33
Full size SUV $40

$5 extra for tire dressing.

Wash & Hand Wax

Includes our Hand Wash plus 2 coats of wax. We analyze the car’s finish to determine which type of wax will be used. All chrome is also polished & waxed. Rubber trim and tires are dressed.


Rain-X $8

Spray Wax


Zymol Hand Wax

Same as our hand wax except that Zymol Super Premium Carnuba Wax is used. Works best on new cars.


Rain-X $8

High Speed Buff & Wax

We use a high speed polisher to remove surface scratches and any oxidation. The car is then waxed twice, includes detailing of the wheels, chrome & rubber trim.


Interior Detailing

Carpets, mats, seats, doors and headliner shampooed. Any leather is cleaned and treated. Vents, cracks, and crevices are cleaned.


Interior vinyl and dash area dressed only: $50

Complete Interior & Exterior Detailing

Includes Hand Wash, High Speed Buff & Wax, Interior Detailing, wheels, chrome, rubber trim.


Exterior only: $190

Wheels only: $60